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Te Pou Rangatōpū plays a significant role in supporting Te Tāhuhu, the central ridgepole that runs the length of our whare. Te Pou Rangatōpū will provide integrated, responsive services for our customers that are easy to access, efficient, and provide connected self-serve options. Putting sustainability at the heart of our mahi, we will create work environments for our people that support them to thrive – creating equitable spans of control and clear accountabilities, including putting decision-making in the right place, with the right people, so we all know what we’re here to do.

Taking a continuous improvement approach, we will develop systems and processes that make it faster and easier for our people to do their mahi, reducing duplication in services and mahi, both within our group and across the organisation.

Te Pou Rangatōpū has a new structure which builds a foundation for clear ways of working that empower our people to put their expertise into action and provide tailored strategic and operational advice. The structure will consist of three layers:

  • An Integration Services layer responsible for delivering transactional services and connecting mahi from across the group to provide access to the full range of Te Pou Rangatōpū services;
  • A Specialist Portfolio layer responsible for hosting teams based on similar focus areas, services or ways of working; and
  • The Office of the Hautū responsible for supporting Te Pou Rangatōpū Hautū.


To enable these changes at Te Pou Rangatōpū, the following roles are available. Please click the role to apply:

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Recruitment for these roles is being managed by:

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