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Te Pou Hanganga, Matihiko | Infrastructure & Digital

Te Pou Hanganga, Matihiko is responsible for providing inclusive, accessible, and integrated infrastructure and transport services to the education system. This includes ensuring the quality and sustainability of existing infrastructure and considering new ways to deliver a more connected system that meets the needs of Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga and Te Mahau. Te Pou Hanganga, Matihiko plays a significant role in supporting Te Tāhuhu, the central ridgepole that runs the length of our whare.

The most significant changes going forward for Te Pou Hanganga, Matihiko is the establishment of a new structure, digital operating model, and ways of working within Te Uepū Matihiko | Digital. The implementation of these changes to Te Uepū Matihiko will take place within the next 18-24 months. The changes will include:

  • The consistent application of a digital product delivery model.
  • The delivery of digital programmes, products and services across three customer-oriented delivery ‘towers’.
  • The establishment of practices that will be responsible for:
    • curating methodologies and tools for use across the delivery towers;
    • caring for people within Te Uepū Matihiko and building professional capability, and;
    • ensuring sourcing strategies are in place so that supply can meet demand
  • Bringing together all support functions, service desk, infrastructure and applications support.


To enable these changes at Te Pou Hanganga, Matihiko, the following roles are available. Please click the role to apply:

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