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Te Pae Aronui | Operations & Integration group

Te Pae Aronui connects people, knowledge, services and regulatory processes to help shape an inclusive education system. The primary focus of Te Pae Aronui is to shape and influence the direction of education in Aotearoa New Zealand by gathering insights, regulation, providing service design and delivery functions and understanding ākonga and whānau, communities and businesses.

Te Pae Aronui is the process used to gather information from multiple perspectives or people in order to agree next steps, or a response or position. This process of ‘Te Pae Aronui’ can occur both on the mahau or inside of a whare. The word Pae is taken from the word ‘paepae,’ literally the line-up of contributors to a community’s knowledge and commitment. Aronui refers to the term ‘Kete Aronui,’ one of the three baskets of knowledge of te ao Māori. This kete held the knowledge related to the wellbeing and potential of people.

Te Pae Aronui will bring together the power of information, insights – including whānau voice – and service design capability to help Te Mahau frontline groups effectively deliver today, and design services tomorrow. Everything we do is in the active pursuit of equity and taking practical steps to uphold te Tiriti. Te Pae Aronui has a new structure which enables Te Mahau as a whole to deliver the results while also playing a crucial role in achieving change and system performance in the following ways:

  • A new, centralised Data & Insights function provides information/data, along with new capability to work more closely alongside Te Mahau takiwā and Te Poutāhū, and our wider Te Tāhuhu groups. This will allow the flow of regional and community voices and insights into and across our business.
  • A new Sector Change & Implementation function provides clear connections, prioritisation and line of sight to coordinate, implement and embed new initiatives from Te Pae Aronui, Te Mahau, and Te Tāhuhu out to the sector.
  • A new Design function brings together and significantly builds community connections, service design and operational policy capability, to put people at the heart of all we do.
  • A new System Delivery function centralises our capabilities to deliver supports and services that enable the education system.
  • A new Ākonga & Community Delivery function delivers initiatives and programmes that seek to support and improve educational outcomes for ākonga and whānau.
  • A new Networks & Regulation function brings together capability to navigate legislative requirements to deliver a dual focus on modern regulation and strategic network planning that shapes the provision of education.
  • A new Learning Support function focuses on central practice support for Learning Support delivery staff. Locally based learning support delivery teams will report to Te Mahau takiwā as part of integrated local delivery teams across the motu.
  • A new Office of the Hautū function supports the Hautū and Te Pae Aronui with executive services and the management of programmes and investments.


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