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Te Pou Kaupapahere | Policy

Te Pou Kaupapahere will be a policy group that is well placed to support Education Ministers, give policy advice at a system level, and operate in support of Te Mahau and our Education Crown Entity partners. Te Pou Kaupapahere plays a significant role in supporting Te Tāhuhu, the central ridgepole that runs the length of our whare. The new structure of four key groups intentionally balances both system and sector drivers for our work, as well as more strongly attending to te Tiriti and equity. The four groups will be:

  • Learner Success and Tiriti Policy which will be focused on population groups and equitable learner outcomes across the whole system, as well as managing the Ministry’s budget process.
  • An ECE and System Policy group will deliver sector specific advice in the early learning space and provide a system wide perspective across the entire education pathway. It will also house the Monitoring and Appointments and International Co-operation and Engagement teams.
  • Schools Policy will provide advice about the compulsory schooling sector including funding, infrastructure, legislation and regulation, as well as leading on regulatory stewardship for the system.
  • Tertiary Policy will deliver policy advice on the whole tertiary system, and data and evidence for the whole group.


To enable these changes at Te Pou Kaupapahere, the following roles are available. Please click the role to apply:

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