November 8, 2018

New Zealand Economic Update

As a client of ANZ, JacksonStone & Partners benefits from some value-add services, one of which was a presentation to our team yesterday by ANZ Economist, Elizabeth Kendall.
It was an insight in to various economic indicators, trends and observations about how the economy is tracking.

Thank you to the ANZ team for allowing us to share the presentation
with you.

General Economic Update – October 2018 ANZ

Written by Christian Howatson

Christian manages our Administration Team, in addition to our Marketing and IT functions.

Christian plays a key role at JacksonStone & Partners, often referred to as the go-to for everything operations.

Christian’s focus is on ensuring our consultants are highlighted as expert recruitment and search specialists. He does so by expertly completing client Request for Proposals (RFPs) and countless other corporate proposals. He is also responsible for all of our client advertising; print media and digital.

In addition to looking after our marketing supplier relationships, Christian also manages the bulk of our IT requirements. This includes implementing new software, updating and installing hardware, and managing

Areas of specialisation: Management, Operations, Marketing, IT, Executive search

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